James George Crabb later Boucher


Shedfield School Founder

1834 - ????

First village school in Shedfield, founded for boys 1834 by James George Crabb [later Boucher]. His wife gave and for the first mixed school in 1861. His daughter founded the Cottage Hospital at Hill House, Shirrell Heath, in 1867.


'In 1832 James Crabb had retired from the East India Naval Service and had been given Shidfield Lodge as a wedding present. In 1834 he gave the village its first school for boys only and when in 1861 plans were made for a mixed school, his wife gave the land for it to be built. In 1837 the family name had been changed to Boucher on becoming a beneficiary in a will. In 1867 his daughter Elizabeth founded a cottage hospital at Hill House, Shirrell Heath. She rented a house and installed a nurse and some beds, later establishing a dispensary.'