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1825 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner
1825 [EA] - 1825 [LA] → Buyer

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£14,689 12S 3D

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[Number of enslaved people] 128(Tot) 56(F) 72(M)  
[Name] The Friends  

Return of slaves attached to Plantation The Friends, situate on the River Berbice the property of J. van den Broek and G. Pauels. Return made by J. van den Broek [30/12/1817].

NB The connection between this evolution and the estate in the compensation records is tentative only.

J. van den Broek made a separate return in his own name pp. 389-390 for a further 91 (50M 41F ) people 30/12/1817.

T71/437 387-389
[Number of enslaved people] 269(Tot)  
[Name] Friends  

Return of slaves the property of Nathaniel Winter & Co. attached to Plantation Friends, this return made by their attorney William Ross 24/03/1825. Number of slaves per last return [01/10/1822] 294. Acquisitions 40 (14M 26F, most 'imported from the colony of Demerary') deductions 65 (35M, 30F: all but one of the 65 had died, from a wide variety of attributed cause, including dysentery, worms, influenza, dropsy), total 269. A note says 'The whole of the above 269 slaves were this day transferred to Plantation Eliza and Mary belonging to Nathaniel Winter & Co.'

T71/442 49-54
[Number of enslaved people] 74(Tot)  
[Name] Friends and Invlught  

Return of slaves attached to Plantation Friends and Invlught the property of William Forsyth, return made by William Forsyth the proprietor, 9 + 80 (51M 29F) - 15 (5M 10F) =74. [The bulk of the enslaved people were bought from Henry Welch].

T71/442 329-332
[Number of enslaved people] 148(Tot)  
[Name] Friends and Invlugt  

Return of slaves on Plantation Friends and Invlught the property of William Forsyth, return made by William Forsyth. The previous total had been 74. The additional enslaved people had been purchased from Charles Matheson, from W.Ross qq. Pln. Dunrobin and from Pln. Essendam.

T71/443 467-470
[Number of enslaved people] 298(Tot)  
[Name] Friends and Invlught  

Slaves on Friends and Invlught the property of William Forsyth return made by Wm Forsyth. The entry shows the previous return as 140 (rather than 148). Enslaved people had been purchased from 'heirs of Fraser', and Winter, Innes and Baillie among others.

T71/444 585-596