De Kinderen and Boodes Rust

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£13,011 2S 9D

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[Number of enslaved people] 346(Tot) 185(F) 161(M)  
[Name] De Kinderen  

Registered by J.H. Boode atty of Gustaaf Boode prop.

T71/397 D5 2743
[Number of enslaved people] 323(Tot) 165(F) 158(M)  
[Name] De Kinderen and Boodes Rust  

J. H. Boode attorney.

T71/413 D3
[Number of enslaved people] 291(Tot) 145(F) 146(M)  
[Name] De Kinderen and Boodes Rust  

In lawful possession of E.G. Boone by his attorney J.H. Boone

T71/418 2019-2026
[Number of enslaved people] 255(Tot) 127(F) 128(M)  
[Name] De Kinderen & Boode's Rust  

Belonging to De Kinderen and Boode's Rust in lawful possession of E.G. Boode [by J.F. Boode qq.]

T71/431 1029-1035