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- 1807 [LA] → Joint owner

This tentatively inferred association from an incomplete section of the will of Edmund Reynolds of Bath made in 1801 in which he referred to his ownership of a moiety of '....and Park' in Charlotte [parish] St Vincent is confirmed by a deed of 1810 rehearsing the recent history of the estate, and showing Reynolds selling his half share for £5000 to James Lacroix, who defaulted on the payments.

1797 [EA] - 1807 [LA] → Joint owner
1797 [EA] - 1797 [LA] → Mortgage Holder
1797 [EA] - 1797 [LA] → Mortgage Holder
1797 [EA] - 1797 [LA] → Mortgage Holder
1797 [EA] - 1797 [LA] → Mortgage Holder
1797 [EA] - 1797 [LA] → Mortgage Holder
1807 [EA] - 1810 [LA] → Mortgage Holder
1807 [EA] - 1808 [LA] → Buyer

James Lacroix contracted to buy the Richland Park estate and named enslaved people in 1807 from Edmund Reynolds and James Choppin for £5000 each but defaulted on the payments before his death in late 1808.

1807 [EA] - 1810 [LA] → Mortgage Holder
1808 [EA] - → Heir-at-law

James Huggins Lacroix contested the compensation for the enslaved people on the Richland Park estate, on which his father had defaulted in 1807-1808.

1810 [EA] - 1810 [LA] → Buyer

Coram bought the encumbered estate for £1000 in 1810.

1817 [EA] - 1817 [LA] → Joint owner
1822 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner

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£2,239 0S 5D

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What is this?

[Name] 'Estate at Marriaqua'  

Under a deed of 1800 (entered in 1804), it was rehearsed that in 1797 Edmund Reynolds sold a moiety of 'his estate at Marriaqua' to James Choppin for £12,000, of which £10,000 was to go to Lang, Turing of London as mortgagees. The 1800 deed was a release of dower by Edmund Reynolds' wife Caroline. LBS has inferred the estate to have been Richland Park.

Deed Book 1804, British Library, EAP688/1/1/18, pp. 407 e seq.

[Name] Richland Park  

A deed of 01/10/1810 between James Coram and his wife Francoise of St Vincent, and James Choppin late of St Vincent but then of Bath, rehearsed the recent history of the Richland Park estate. Under indentures of 30/09/1807 and 01/10/1807, James Choppin and Edmund Reynolds and Caroline Reynolds his wife contracted to sell Richland Vale to James Lacroix for £5000 each payable in 5 instalments. Lacroix default on the instalments and then died 10/12/1808, leaving a will which omitted the Richland Park estate (having been made prior to the purchase) and left a minor heir, James Huggins Lacroix, under the guardianship of James Huggins and James Dolbert Questel (the latter refused to act). James Huggins as guardian then agreed with James Coram that the estate - which was subject to a mortgage to John Pinney of £7500 and the two amounts of purchase money of £5000 each left unpaid by James Lacroix - was worth no more than the £17,500 in encumbrances, and that Coram should, have the management of the estate for a year before ownership was settled. The estate was then put up for sale by the Provost Marshal after Coram secured a judgment against James Huggins Lacroix as heir-at-law of James Lacroix, and Coram bought it for £1000. The deed of 01/10/1810 was to confirm Choppin's mortgage and set a new repayment schedule.

Deed Book 1810, British Library, EAP688/1/1/21, pp. 390-7
[Number of enslaved people] 116(Tot)  
[Name] Richland Park Estate  

Messrs Pinney and Ames as owners.

T71/493 55-58
[Number of enslaved people] 114(Tot) 60(F) 54(M)  
[Name] Richland Park Estate  

John F Pinney.

T71/495 27-28
[Number of enslaved people] 103(Tot) 48(F) 55(M)  
[Name] Richland Park Estate  

John F Pinney.

T71/497 21
[Number of enslaved people] 97(Tot) 45(F) 52(M)  
[Name] Richland Park Estate  

Richland Park Estate. Statement sworn by Keneth Ross.

T71/497 37-38
[Number of enslaved people] 94(Tot) 42(F) 52(M)  
[Name] Richland Park Estate  

Richland Park Estate. Statement sworn by Keneth Ross.

T71/499 35
[Number of enslaved people] 86(Tot) 41(F) 45(M)  
[Name] Richland Park Estate  

Richland Park Estate. The property of J F Pinney. Statement sworn by J A Venner. Register taken on 1st May. Total on 1st August 1834 was enslaved people.

T71/500 50-51