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- 1822 [EY] → Owner

Registered to John Roche Dasent: the property had come to him by his successive marriages to two daughters of Alexander Bury [Burrowes] Irwin, but how exactly he held the estate (as owner-in-fee, as joint-owner, as tenant-for life) is not known.

- 1807 [EY] → Owner
1807 [SY] - → Annuitant
1816 [EA] - 1816 [LA] → Joint owner

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£8,110 0S 7D
£6,367 7S 8D

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[Name] Union  

The sale by auction of the equity of redemption of one-fourth share of Union estate on St Vincent late of or formerly belonging to Joseph Warner Esq. was announced in London for November 1816. Joseph Warner formerly of Sloane Street and of St Vincent had become bankrupt in 1812.

London Gazette 17134 07/05/1816 p. 856
[Number of enslaved people] 575(Tot)  
[Name] Union Estate [North and South]  

Representatives of Messrs Alexander Burrowes Irwin, Drury [sic] Ottley and Joseph Warner as owners. Mention of 2 men to have been conveyed to Robert Reid, their interests still subsisting and another said to be in Antigua

T71/493 73-84
[Number of enslaved people] 542(Tot) 288(F) 254(M)  
[Name] Union Estate [North and South]  

John Roche Dasent [102 deaths].

T71/495 39-42
[Number of enslaved people] 619(Tot) 325(F) 294(M)  
[Name] Union Estate  

John Roche Dasent [increase by births with exception of 2 enslaved people who became property of J R Dasent on death of Therese Questel and were delivered to him by Adaline Questel, her daughter].

T71/497 27-29
[Number of enslaved people] 594(Tot) 325(F) 294(M)  
[Name] Union Estate  

John Roche Dasent.

T71/497 16-18
[Number of enslaved people] 559(Tot) 294(F) 265(M)  
[Name] Union Estate  

John Roche Dasent [67 deaths].

T71/499 39-41
[Number of enslaved people] 557(Tot) 293(F) 264(M)  
[Name] North Union and South Union Estates  

North Union Estate [315] and South Union Estate [242]. Charlotte M Dasent, executrix of the late John Roche Dasent, deceased. Statement sworn by William Sayer [2 enslaved people declared as having obtained their freedom under the third section of the Slavery Abolition Act, they having been in England]. Register taken on 1st May. Total on 1st August 1834 was 557 enslaved people.

T71/500 61-67