Brechin Castle Estate

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1813 [EA] - 1831 [LA] → Joint owner
1813 [EA] - 1831 [LA] → Joint owner
1813 [EA] - 1816 [LA] → Joint owner

Prior to 1816, the Anderdon partner in Mannings & Anderdon appears to have been John Proctor Anderson; thereafter it was his son John Lavicount Anderdon. The two might have overlapped in 1816.

1813 [EA] - 1813 [LA] → Attorney

James Lowe made the registration of enslaved people on the sugar estate called Brichin [sic] Castle owned by Messrs Manning & Anderdon in 1813.

1816 [EA] - 1831 [LA] → Joint owner

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£4,333 16S 10D

Estate Information (8)

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[Number of enslaved people] 38(Tot)  
[Name] Brechin Castle  
[Crop] Sugar  

James Lowe attorney, owned by Messrs Manning & Anderdon

T71/501 630-631
[Number of enslaved people] 39(Tot)  
[Name] Brichin Castle  
[Crop] Sugar  

William Horsham, manager for Manning & Anderdon [sic], owners [2 births, 3 purchases].

T 71/508 196 v
[Number of enslaved people] 41(Tot)  
[Name] Brichin Castle  
[Crop] Sugar  

James Taitt, agent, for Manning & Anderdon [sic], owners [3 births, 2 purchases].

T 71/511 311 v - 312
[Number of enslaved people] 60(Tot)  
[Name] Brichin Castle  
[Crop] Sugar  

John Thatcher, attorney, for Mannings & Anderdon [sic], owners [2 births, remainder imports].

T 71/513 377 v - 378
[Name] Brechin Castle Estates  

Brechin Castle Estates, Couva, Trinidad: Monthly inventory report, January 1827, including details of 53 slaves, the production of sugar, rum and livestock and the employment of Mr Philan, Overseer, on 21 February, with observations on the plantation. Available online, [accessed 15/12/2021].

MGS/40/26, Michael Graham-Stewart Slavery Collection, Royal Museums Greenwich
[Number of enslaved people] 60(Tot)  
[Name] Brichin [sic] Castle  
[Crop] Sugar  

Return by James Murphy, attorney and manager, owned by Messrs Mannings and Anderdon

T71/515 2042
[Number of enslaved people] 52(Tot)  
[Name] Brichin Castle  
[Crop] Sugar  

George Davis, manager, for Mannings & Anderdon, owners.

T 71/517 279 v - 280
[Number of enslaved people] 98(Tot)  
[Name] Brichin Castle  
[Crop] Sugar  

Duncan McBean, attorney, for Smith, Payne and Smiths, owners, late the property of Mannings & Anderdon [increase by 7 births and the remainder by acquisition].

T 71/519 337 v - 338