New Castle [or Newcastle]

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1746 [EA] - 1793 [LA] → Owner

Haynes was born on the New Castle estate in 1746.

1793 [EA] - → Owner

Haynes inherited the estate from his father, Richard Downes Haynes, 1793.

1817 [EA] - 1817 [LA] → Attorney
1823 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner

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£4,967 9S 7D

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[Number of enslaved people] 111(Tot)  
[Size] 228  
[Stock] 36 head of cattle; 3 horses  

Valued at £18,000; legacies and debts: c.£14,000. But when Robert Haynes inherited the property in 1793 from his father, '...I was induced to take up [the estate] as executor, not as heir-at-law'. (p. 15).
Being executor freed him from liability to ordinary debts of the predecessor in the title. He also wanted to ensure that the £2,100 owed to him for the Mount Pleasant estate, 37 enslaved, which he then owned, would not be liable to his father's debts.
Developed the estate by planting Bourbon Cane (imported from Martinique) rather than Brazil Cane (which gave little return) and in 1793 the price of sugar had been low. Also repaired the New Castle house.
By 1804, having paid off the debts and acquired £10,000 currency in interest, bought the Baldwick estate (q.v.: see Haynes Field).

Edmund C. Haynes, A. Percy Haynes and Edmund S. P. Haynes (eds.), Notes by General Robert Haynes of New Castle and Clifton Hall Plantations, Barbados, and other documents of family interest (London, n.d. [1912]), pp. 15-16.
[Number of enslaved people] 165(Tot) 81(F) 84(M)  

Return of Robert Haynes jun., Attorney, the property of Richard Haynes.

T71/521 608-12
[Number of enslaved people] 194(Tot)  
[Name] New Castle  

Return of Richard Haynes, his own property. Previously 189 enslaved.

T71/530 225-26
[Number of enslaved people] 209(Tot)  

Return of Richard Haynes, his own property. Previously 194 enslaved. Note that 4 of the enslaved were 'acquired by partition of the undivided property of Robert Haynes jun. and myself'. 9 were removed from the Bissex Hill plantation of St Joseph. Apart from 1 other enslaved person sold to Parris Greaves, other changes were accounted for by births and deaths.

T71/537 12-13
[Number of enslaved people] 218(Tot)  

Return of Richard Haynes, his own property.

T71/543 158-9
[Number of enslaved people] 218(Tot)  

Return of Richard Haynes, his own property.

T71/550 168-9
[Name] Newcastle  
[Size] 680  

Listed in St John, property of Haynes.

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