La Retraite

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1832 [EA] - 1832 [LA] → Owner

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£15,795 16S 7D


NB tentative association between La Retrait [sic] in the 1817 Demerara Slave Register and La Retraite in the compensation records

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What is this?

[Name] La Retraite  
[Crop] Coffee  

La Retraite, shown as plantation no. 16 under the heading 'A la cote occidentale de Demerarie', proprietaries Cond. B. Changuion and J.C. v.d. Heuvel, 100 carreaux, K [coffee]

Carte Generale...Demerarie 'Liste des habitations...' [1798] University of Amsterdam Library 'Suriname 1599-1975'
[Number of enslaved people] 383(Tot) 162(F) 221(M)  
[Name] La Retrait  

J.Meertens atty of Coudere Ve [&] Sapportas [?] & others

T71/397 L3 1515
[Number of enslaved people] 337(Tot) 148(F) 189(M)  
[Name] La Retraite  

In lawful possession of Messrs Coudere & Co, J Laportas [Saportas?] and the heirs of F. Martin by J. Meertens their attorney

T71/415 872-880
[Number of enslaved people] 307(Tot) 134(F) 173(M)  
[Name] La Retraite  

Belonging to La Retraite in lawful possession of A.M. Meertens [A.M. Meertens was absent though debility]

T71/430 739-746