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- 1799 [EY] → Owner
- 1828 [LA] → Joint owner

Under his will proved in 1828 Robert Lang left a 1/6th share in the Columbia Estate.

1799 [EA] - → Heir
1817 [EA] - 1817 [LA] → Joint owner

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£17,896 4S 5D

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[Name] Columbia  

Under the will of Robert Cliff merchant and planter of Demerary made in 1799 and proved 12/02/1818 he left all his 'lands negroes' and other property and effects to his brother Joseph Cliff, whom he authorised to sell any part of the property Columbia 'situated in Little Comabaima colony of Demerary' to fund repayment of debt and legacies of £200 to his father Thomas Cliff; £500 each to his 8 brothers (other than Joseph) [payable] say £100 p.a. to each of them surviving five years after one another; £600 each to his sisters Catherine Starrett [?] and Mary Cliff; £200 and freedom to his housekeeper Levina [?] and her son Cruthell [?], as well as the carpenter Prince and the negro girl named Levina.

PROB 11/1610 135
[Number of enslaved people] 397(Tot) 151(F) 246(M)  
[Name] Columbia  

Registered by Geo. Rose atty of Naghten Laing [sic] & Co.

T71/397 C3978
[Number of enslaved people] 318(Tot) 131(F) 187(M)  
[Name] Columbia  

G. Warren attorney.

T71/413 C5
[Number of enslaved people] 301(Tot)  
[Name] Columbia  

G. Warren qq.

T71/418 1866-1873
[Number of enslaved people] 353(Tot)  
[Name] Columbia  

Belonging to Pln Columbia in lawful possession of N.S.Chauncy, heirs of T. Naghten and heirs of M. [sic] Lucas by their attorney A. Garnett. [There was no breakdown of male and female enslaved people].

T71/433 1896-1904