Hope map of 1826

Hope map of 1826



Map of Hope estate in 1826 with outline of canefields. Also shows Mount Charles, The Cottage, Mona, Papine, Hall's Delight and Ireland.

Source: 'New and General Plan of the Hope Estate in the Parishses of Kingston and St Andrew, Jamaica, the Property of His Grace The Duke of Buckingham and Chandos Surveyed in the Year 1826 by Edwd. McGenchy', West Indies Box 1, Stowe Papers, The Huntington Library, San Marino, California.


Associated Estates (7)

Hope Estate [ Jamaica | St Andrew ]
Mona Estate [ Jamaica | St Andrew ]
Papine [ Jamaica | St Andrew ]
The Cottage [ Jamaica | St Andrew ]
Ireland [ Jamaica | St Andrew ]
Hall's Delight [ Jamaica | Port Royal ]
Mount Charles [ Jamaica | Port Royal ]