Ward Cadogan

26th Sep 1772 - 18th Aug 1833

Claimant or beneficiary


Son of Thomas Cadogan of Barbados, husband of Sarah Oxley Cadogan (q.v.) and father-in-law of William Hodgson Cadogan. Purchased Brinkburn Priory in 1825. His daughter Sarah Hodgson was his main heir: she was married to William Hodgson, who took the name Cadogan, on Ward Cadogan's death in 1833.

  1. Birth of Ward Cadogan, 26/09/1772 to Thomas Cadogan and his wife Mary, St Lucy Parish, Barbados.

  2. Ward Cadogan married Sarah Oxley McIntosh 15/10/1801 at St Michael, Barbados. Sarah Cadogan, daughter of Ward Cadogan and Sarah Oxley, was baptised at St Michael, Barbados, 10/04/1810.

  3. Death 18/08/1833, "suddenly, at Northbrook House, Devon, Ward Cadogan, Esq., late of the Island of Barbadoes." Will of Ward Cadogan [late of Clifton and now of Northbrook in the parish] of Topsham, Devon [made 29/09/1831] proved 13/12/1833. Among his monetary legacies was £100 to 'my black servant John Day'. He left his estate at Brenkburn or Brinkburn and the Pickerings and Crab Hill estates [and the 'negroes and slaves, live and dead stock on them'] on Barbados in trust for his daughter Sarah Hodgson for life and then to her children, Crab Hill subject to paying out the claims of Ward Cadogan's sisters Elizabeth and Dorothy Cadogan on the estate. He left his mortgage over the Harrow or Simmons estate in St Philip Barbados in possession of Joseph Connell in trust, with £3000 currency to be invested for his nephew Arthur Rollock and £3000 currency to be invested for his niece Susannah Barron, and annuity of £100 currency p.a. each to be paid to his sisters Elizabeth and Dorothy Cadogan and his sister-in-law Margaret Macintosh [sp?]. He also held a mortgage over Blackman's estate in the possession of John Rycroft Best, which he willed as part of his residual estate to fund £10,000 for his grandson Cadogan Hodgson and an annuity of £900 p.a. to his wife Sarah Oxley Cadogan together with a further legacy of £10,000. In a codicil of 26/05/1832 he recorded the death of Arthur Rollock, and reduced the annuity of his wife from £900 p.a. to £300 p.a. and her monetary legacy from £10,000 to £6,000 'in consequence of the great depreciation and fall in the value of my West India property.' In a second codicil of 1st August 1833, 'feeling alarmed' by the Emancipation bill and 'fearing that it will render the estates of no value to the proprietors' and that his sisters would not obtain their claims against Crab Hill, he left annuities of £60 p.a. each to them, reduced the legacy to his servant John Day to £50 and the legacy to his grandson to £5000 from £10,000.


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Further Information

Sarah Oxley McIntosh
Sarah (1810-1874)

Associated Claims (3)

£4,691 14s 5d
Beneficiary deceased (Mortgagee)
£2,693 9s 2d
Other association
£3,864 9s 2d
Other association

Associated Estates (4)

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1831 [EA] - 1831 [LA] → Mortgage Holder

In his will made in 1831 Ward Cadogan said that he held a mortgage over the Blackmans estate of John Rycroft Best which he instructed to be used as part of his residuary estate, the whole to fund a legacy of £10,000 to his son and an annuity of £900 p.a.and a sum of £10,000 to his wife Sarah.

1829 [EA] - 1833 [LA] → Owner
1831 [EA] - 1833 [LA] → Mortgage Holder

In his will made in 1831 and proved in 1833 Ward Cadogan said that he held a mortgage over the Harrow or Simmons estate

1812 [EA] - 1833 [LA] → Owner

Possibly owned the plantation at an earlier point.

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Father → Daughter
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Arthur Rollock predeceased his uncle Ward...

Addresses (2)

Brinkburn Priory, Longframlington, Morpeth, Northumberland, Northern England, England
Northbrook House (near Exeter), Exeter, Devon, Devon & Cornwall, England