Barbados 2959A & B (Harrow)

6th Feb 1837 | 211 Enslaved | £4691 14s 5d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 326.

2959A: £4241 14s 5d went to the three claimants on 06/02/1837.

2959B: £450 0s 0d went to the three claimants on 12/06/1837.

T71/897: claim by Joseph Connell, of St Philip, as owner-in-fee. Counterclaim by Thomas James Stoute, of Grenada, under the will of Edward Stoute, dated 02/09/1812. Thomas James Stoute claimed 5 enslaved persons as owner-in-fee, and 4 other enslaved persons with their issue as heir at law of his brother. Counterclaim from Sarah Oxley Cadogan, widow, of St James Place, Westminster, London; William Hinds Prescod and Major Pringle Taylor, of Pennington house near Lymington, Hampshire, executors of the will of Ward Cadogan, formerly of Barbadoes, late of Northbrook House near Exeter, Devon, as judgement creditors of 15/06/1814 for £9000 currency or £6000 sterling with interest at 6% from 18/02/1835. Counterclaim from Thomas Dunkin, of Bordeaux, France, and Mary (his wife) on behalf of said Mary and their children (by Henry Francis & Henry Dunkin Francis of Monument Yard, London) under the will of John Allen Olton dated 09/11/1809, for an annuity of £250 sterling and a legacy of £5000 currency for the children. Counterclaim from John Whitmore, of Auction Mart, London; and Edward Whitmore, of Lombard St, London, assignees of a mortgage for £7500 currency.

T71/564 p 59: 134 enslaved persons were registered on Crabhill Plantation in 1834 by Edward P. Hart, as chief overseer for Ward Cadogan (deceased). Edward P. Hart also registered 167 enslaved persons on Pickering Plantation for Ward O. Cadogan, as chief overseer.

John Charlton, Hidden Chains. The Slavery Business and North East England 1600-1865 (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tyne Bridge Publishing, 2008) pp. 134-6: references to Cadogan, who bought Brinkburn Priory in 1825. Shows Cadogan as owning Pickerings Plantation in Barbados, and speculates that money from enslaved persons funded the renovation of Brinkburn Priory. The author indicates that the family sought compensation for 1000 enslaved persons, worth £25000 (sourced to NRO ZFE10).

See also Barbados claim nos. 4726 and 4763 (Pickerings); possibly also Barbados claim no. 4813.

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2959A & B

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