John Gloster Garraway

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  1. Son of John Garraway, a merchant in Grenada who died in London in 1812. His mother was 'free mulatto' Frances Hay, who lived with his father in Grenada for 40 years.

  2. His father "left the majority of his extensive estate to his two "blood [sic - beloved]" sons in Grenada: John Gloster Garraway, who married Ann Thomas [daughter of Dorothy Thomas], and Robert Garraway, who did not marry Dorothea Christina Thomas ...Ten years after his father's will was proved, John Gloster Garraway was ruined and his brother was dead. In 1824 all the property of the Garraway brothers was sold for debt. Anticipating a forced sale of their assets, John Gloster and Robert Garraway had manumitted several of their long-serving slaves. By 1825 John Gloster Garraway had managed to retain only one or two slaves of his once vast slave property.' Joseph, the son of John Gloster Garraway and Ann Thomas, trained as a lawyer in Scotland and returned to Grenada where he became a stipendary magistrate in 1836 and later judge of the Assistant Court of Appeal. Ann Garraway inherited one-sixth of the estate of her mother Dorothy Thomas with the condition that is was not subject to any debts of her husband.

  3. John Gloster Garraway was Master of the Court of Chancery in Grenada and had chambers in George Town in 1844.


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Ann Thomas
Joseph, Ann

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£192 13s 0d
£27 10s 5d

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