John Peart

1771 - 5th Mar 1847

Claimant or beneficiary


Son of John Peart (1742-1798) of Newark-upon-Trent, and awarded the compensation for the enslaved people upon Newark, Nottingham and Retford estates in Manchester Jamaica.

  1. Born England, baptised Newark-upon-Trent 27/08/1771, went to Jamaica, inherited the estate of his uncle Joseph Peart (1745-c.1798), married Elizabeth [Hobbs], died Cheltenham 05/03/1847; will of John Peart of Cheltenham Gloucestershire proved 23/04/1847.  The 1841 census shows him aged 60 [sic] living with wife Elizabeth aged 50 at Oxford Street, Cheltenham.

  2. John Peart of Cheltenham was according to The Times a member of the Provisional Committee of Brighton & Cheltenham Direct Railway and a director of the Cheltenham, Oxford & London Junction Railway in 1845. He was also in the same year a member of the Provisional Committee of the Worcester & Leominster Railway (when he was shown as director of the Worcester, Warwick & Rugby, Brighton & Cheltenham, and Cheltenham Oxford & London Junction Railways.) Reflecting the fluidity of the railway companies governance at this time, he wrote to The Times in November 1845: 'Sir - I think it proper to state that I consider myself no longer a member of the provisional committee of the Cheltenham, Oxford & London Junction Railway.'

  3. John Hobbs Peart's grandson John Redmund Peart succeeded his father-in-law Richard McNamara in the Dublin law firm now known as Pearts Solicitors.


T71/915 Manchester no. 168.

  1. 'Descendants of Edward Peart', [acccessed 15/10/2014]. This site also gives his will (PROB 11/2055 23/04/1847), and provides unsourced his residence as Cheltenham in 1828; PROB 11/2055; 1841 census online.

  2. The Times 29/9/1845 p 14; The Times 7/10/1845; The Times 7/10/1845 p 15; 27/11/1845 letter to The Times from John Peart, 4 Oxford-st, Cheltenham.

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Further Information

Frederick, John Hobbs, Amelia Elizabeth, Adolphus, Mary Ann, Henrietta

PROB 11/2055. 23/4/1847.

Bequeathed 'my gold watch and trinkets' to son Frederick Peart 'now resident in the Island of Jamaica', and all his real and personal estate there subject to the annuity of £400 made upon John Peart's marriage to Elizabeth, all any arrears of  annuity and other debt owed by Frederick to John Peart to be forgiven 'but I recommend my said wife only to demand a two hundred pounds from the said son annually.' Books and best wearing apparel to son Adolphus, except six books and six paintings to be given to son John Hobbs Peart, to be selected by Elizabeth. To daughter Henrietta Brooks 'my share in the Assembly Rooms and my miniature pictures'. Piano and 3 cases of birds and insects to daughter Amelia Elizabeth. £2000 to wife. £50 to Cheltenham Hospital and Gloucester Infirmary. Real estate to be sold (trustees =Elizabeth Peart and Edward Frampton of Cheltenham). £5000 to be put in Chancery under settlement made on marriage of daughter Mary Ann with Robert Blake Foster; £2000 to Adolphus on his reaching 25; £2400 in name of Henrietta' independent of her present or any future husband', but in event of her death interest and dividends to go to William Philpotts Brooks and the capital not to be divided among Henrietta's children until after the death of William Philpotts Brooks; £2000 for Amelia Elizabeth; children (except Mary Ann Foster) to share residue as tenants in common.  Desire to be buried under Saint Phillips Church in the Parish of Southampton if he dies at Cheltenham, and a neat plain marble tablet to be erected at Saint John in Cheltenham near the one erected to the memory of Mr Peter Frost; to be buried in a plain and unpretentious manner.


Elizabeth Peart of Dundrum Castle Dublin PROB 11/2022 5/12/1854 makes clear that John Peart's estate had not been sufficient to pay Elizabeth all the £2000 he left her; she alludes to the money left to Henrietta and W.P. Brooks as potentially reverting to her estate.     

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£3,133 13s 3d

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Assembly Rooms, Cheltenham...... 
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John Peart left his share in the Assembly Rooms to his daughter Henrietta Brooks in his will proved in...

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John Peart was the residuary heir of his uncle Joseph Peart of St Elizabeth...
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William Philpot Brookes was also contingent residuary legatee of John Peart...
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Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England