Joseph Peart

???? - 1807


Resident slave-owner in Jamaica, with roots in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

  1. Will of Joseph Peart of St Elizabeth Jamaica proved 20/02/1806. In the will he left £300 to his nephew John Peart of St Elizabeth, £300 to each of his six other nephew and nieces all of the town of Newark, and £300 each to his three nieces the daughters of his late brother William Peart of Butterwick Lincolnshire. He also gave £100 each to the five children of his half-sister Ann Ross of Hull in Yorkshire. He gave £500 to his late brother Robert's 'natural mulatto son John Peart', £500 each to Joseph and William Peart [not further identified] and £750 to 'my brother's natural children Robert, Mary and Edward'; and £500 to my brother Robert's 'natural quadroon slave John.' His residuary heir was John Peart [of St Elizabeth], the eldest son of his late brother John Peart of Newark upon Trent.


  1. PROB 11/1438/195

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Uncle → Nephew
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John Peart was the residuary heir of his uncle Joseph Peart of St Elizabeth...