Charles Beckford Long

1771 - 1836

Claimant or beneficiary


Awarded the compensation for the Crescent estate in St Mary Jamaica as owner-in-fee, which came to him through his wife Frances Monro Tucker. 

  1. Son of Edward Long of Chichester. Baptised Chichester 04/06/1771. Matriculated Christ Church Oxford 10/10/1789 aged 18, BA 1794, 'student until 1812', died 1836. Married Frances Monro Tucker St Marylebone 11/05/1795. Buried at Seal[e] Surrey 18/05/1836 aged 64 of Worthing. His son and heir Charles Edward Long (1796-1861) is in the DNB as 'genealogist and antiquarian', 'possessed of an ample fortune', and left effects under £10,000 at his death.

  2. Will of Charles Beckford Long of [Langley Hall] Hampstead Norris, Berkshire proved 07/06//1836. In the will made in 1825, after legacies of £100 each to his brother Edward Beeston Long and the latter's son Henry Lawes Long, he left his entire estate to his son Charles Edward Long. In a codicil also of 1825 he left £100 each to his daughters Mary Henrietta and Caroline Elizabeth and son Robert Ballard Long as a token of his affection, 'as they are already amply provided for.' In further undated codicil he left £100 to Robert Sympson then residing at Brussels, regretting his inability to leave him more owing to 'the deplorable state of my affairs in Jamaica.'


T71/856 St Mary nos. 295 and 507.

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  2. PROB 11/1863/167.

Further Information

Frances Monro Tucker
Charles Edward Long
Oxford (Christ Church) [1789-1794 ]

Associated Claims (2)

£3,979 11s 8d
Awardee (Owner-in-fee)
£12 16s 2d
Awardee (Owner-in-fee)

Associated Estates (2)

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1813 [SY] - 1839 [LA] → Owner

Listed as the owner although it had previously been owned by his wife in trust.

1825 [EA] - → Legatee

Relationships (4)

Father → Son
Husband → Wife
Son → Father
Son-in-law → Father-in-law

Addresses (2)

Worthing, Sussex, South-east England, England
Langley Hall, Hampstead Norreys, Berkshire, Central England, England
Notes →

Of Langley Hall Hampstead Norris (sic) when he made his will in 1825.