George Cragg

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Resident slave-owner in Jamaica, describing himself in 1834 as having been 'a merchant at Montego Bay, and for the last ten years proprietor of a sugar estate. I reside on my own estate, the Bogue, in St James's.' Probably the man buried at Montego Bay in 1848, aged 57, born in Cumberland c. 1791.


Examination before a Committee of the Jamaican House of Assembly, 31/10/1834, in House of Commons Series, 'Accounts and Papers relating to Abolition of slavery' Vol I pp. 51-63: George Cragg, whose evidence was given 06/11/1834, was shown as '10 years proprietor' on Bogue, St James; 'Beneath this Stone rest the Remains of GEORGE CRAGG Esquire, a native of Cumberland, England who died on the 22nd day of November, 1848, Aged 57 Years, 31 of which he resided in this Island. This Stone is erected to his Memory by his affectionate Nephew WILLIAM OSBORN',

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£418 12s 11d
£3,708 4s 4d
Unsuccessful claimant (Owner-in-fee)
£1,679 5s 11d
Awardee (Owner-in-fee)

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