Peter Whitfield Brancker

1750 - 7th Feb 1836

Claimant or beneficiary


  1. Born Liverpool, the son of Thomas Brancker apothecary.  Captain in the slave-trade and then slave-trader himself 1784-1799. Probate granted at Chester, 17 Feb. 1836: personal estate £25,000. Three of his sons are shown (but see below: they are almost certainly grandsons) as being at Oxford (Henry matric. 11 May 1836 Wadham and became a clergyman; James Aspinall, matric. 20 April 1837 Wadham, 'gentleman'; and Peter Whitfield matric. Jesus 19 April 1834, also a clergyman).  Peter Whitfield Brancker made 9 voyages as captain then 29 as co-owner, variously alongside Moses Benson, the Aspinalls, Tarletons, Backhouses etc.

  2. Peter Whitfield Brancker was a partner (with Thomas Hinde, Roger Carus and William Hadwen) in the spinning of worsted at Dolphinholme in Wyersdale County of Lancaster c. 1801.

  3. Peter Whitfield Brancker junior is shown as a partner in the grocers Godwin, Brancker and Rice Liverpool 1810. P.W. Brancker is shown as a sugar-refiner under firm of Brancker and Davis at Liverpool 06/01/1815. P. W. Brancker and P.W. Brancker the younger are shown as retiring from Brancker & Company, sugar-refiners on 31/01/1822 and 31/01/1834 respectively, leaving Thomas and James Brancker.

  4. NB there are therefore 3 Peter Whitfield Branckers: the slave-trader; 'the younger' presumably a son, who died late of Wavertree 06/08/1864 leaving £60,000 and the Rev. P.W. Brancker, a son of 'the younger'.

  5. John Bolton specifies Alderman Peter Whitfield Brancker as father of Alderman Sir Thomas Brancker (d. 1853) and brother-in-law of Sir John Tobin.


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Further Information

Hannah Aspinall (28/11/1782)
Peter Whitfield [?]
Slave-trader then West India merchant

Associated Claims (2)

£158 8s 11d
£875 1s 3d

Associated Estates (1)

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  • LA - Latest Known Association
1834 [EA] - → Joint owner

His path to the joint ownership shown in the compensation records has not yet been traced.

Legacies Summary

Commercial (2)

Railway Investment
Midland (Ely to Lincoln) [1845138]  

Political (2)

Local Government
office →
office →
1801 - 1802

Addresses (1)

Wavertree, Liverpool, Lancashire, North-west England, England