Allen Hilton

16th Dec 1806 - 1838

Claimant or beneficiary


Slave-owner in Jamaica, 'Practitioner in Physic and Surgery', dying in 1838.

  1. John Proctor (born 10/08/1805) and Allen (born 16/12/1806), sons of Allen and Sarah Hilton, baptised in St Ann, 28/10/1808.

  2. James, son of Allen Hilton, surgeon, Enfield, and Mary Allen, was baptised 09/08/1836, aged 18 months.

  3. Will of Allan or Allen Hilton of St Ann Jamaica proved in London 18/05/1839. He left his estate including the services of apprentices to his wife for life and then to the children of his brother John Preston Hilton, after providing one cow and calf for each of his two natural children with Mary Allen.


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Further Information

Married but no further details

PROB 11/1910/392 - precis.

Allan [sic] Hilton of St Ann, Jamaica.

To be buried in the family burying ground at Enfield either at the head or foot of my poor father's or mother's graves.

To my brother John Preston Hilton £20 Jamaican currency.

To his daughter Sarah Hilton one half of the silver spoons and the whole of the silver forks now at Enfield (say 24).

To John Preston Hilton the younger £10 Jamaican currency and also my share of the Maballa[?] picture now at Enfield and I further request that the picture may be retained in the family.

To Martha Wyatt of Vauxhall near London, £10 sterling.

To my worthy and much esteemed friend Stanley Rarotinson[?] £50 Jamaican currency for purposes for which he is the better judge.

To my reputed children James Hilton and his sister Elizabeth Hilton, born of the body of Mary Allen, an apprentice attached to Enfield Pen, one cow and calf each which I request may be selected by two impartial persons. They to have full liberty to keep them on the same pen and that their mother be allowed to reside with two children on the said pen after expiration of her apprenticeship.

To my beloved wife Frances Hilton, all rest and residue together with the unexpired term of apprenticeship of my boy Charles also of my girls Sarah and Rebecca (brother and sisters) also one half of the apprentices attached to Enfield Pen, one half of the property itself and half of the horses, stock, bulls, cows, calfs etc. Should it please the Almighty that my wife within the proper period after my decease produce a posthumous offspring the whole of my estate will be handed over to him, her or them. But should no child or children be produced and she again marry, one half of my estate will immediately revert to the children of my brother John Preston Hilton lawfully begotten, and at her death the remainder will revert to them.

Before appointing my executrix and executors I must make one more request and that is that they see into and look after the different sums of money due to the firm of Doctors Baruet and Hilton, the one half of which belong to me.

I also wish that the large prayer book given to me by late Aunt Mrs Gordon be handed over to my brother John Preston Hilton.

My beloved wife Frances Hilton to be my executrix and my brother John Preston Hilton together with my friends James Phillips Utten, Uttten Thomas Todd and John White Cater to be my executors.

Signed 27/06/1837.

Proved in Jamaica 12/02/1838. Proved in London 18/05/1839.

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£726 10s 3d
£118 0s 0d

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