Catherine Elizabeth Hyndman

???? - 1835

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Daughter of Robert Augustus Hyndman and Elizabeth Christian née Beckles (both q.v.). Following her death in 1835, her brother John Beckles Hyndman set up 'Miss Catherine Elizabeth Hyndman's Bounty to the Church of England'. A statement from her brother dated dated 21/11/1835 stated that on 09/09/1834 Elizabeth Christian Hyndman died, leaving a will but no executors; the estate was left to John Beckles Hyndman and Catherine Elizabeth Hyndman; Catherine Elizabeth Hyndman died on 16/06/1835 and John Beckles Hyndman got letters of administration.

  1. [Death in 1835] at Torquay [Devon] on 16th inst. [Death of] Catherine Elizabeth, only daughter of late Robert Augustus Hyndman of the colony of Demerara.


T71/1256: statement, dated 21/11/1835.

  1. Times 20/06/1835 p. 6.

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£24,157 6s 1d
Beneficiary deceased

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London churches 
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After her death in 1835, her brother John Beckles Hyndman set up the 'Miss Catherine Elizabeth Hyndman Bounty to the Church of England' which gave grants for the building and refurbishment of...
notes →;; The Surveyor, Engineer and Architect (1841) p. 257; W.A. Evershed,...

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