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Charles and James Hoppe of 156 Minories, London, were the executors of John Hoppe and wrote to the compensation commissioners asking for details of the award made for Bransby's estate in Montserrat, "for which they hold a bond".


T71/1610: letter, dated 04/03/1836, from Charles & Jas. Hoppe executors, 156 Minories, stating that they are executors under will of Mr John Hoppe and have a considerable claim on the Bransbys estate, for which they hold a Bond. They go on to enquire how much will be awarded to Robert Dobridge, how it is to be paid, and to whom the Daniels' hold mortgage will be given. Also, how are they to proceed to protect the interests of the late Mr John Hoppe's widow and family? The value of the claim is given as upwards of £20,000.

T71/1593 p. 132: letter, dated 05/03/1836, from the Court of Chancery to C. & J. Hoppe, 156 Minories, stating that T. Daniel has withdrawn the counterclaim, and that the award was made to Robert Dobridge.

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