Kean Osborn

???? - 4th Sep 1820


Slave-owenr in Jamaica, whose family members were later resident in Paris.

  1. Memorial inscription in Clarendon, Jamaica: "To the memory of the Hon. Kean Osborn of Caswell Hill in the parish of Vere and of Montpelier, Saint-Thomas-in-the-East, late Speaker of the House of Assembly in this Island, who departed this life on the 4th September, 1820, at Mont-sur-Vaudray, in France, on his way to Italy for the health of the wretched survivor, Elizabeth Osborn."

  2. Kean Osborn married Elizabeth Alpress, daughter of Samuel Alpress and his wife Margaret Eleanor nee Aikenhead, in Spanish Town, 1780.

  3. The will of Kean Osborn [formerly of the Island of Jamaica but now] of Upper Harley Street was proved 22/09/1821. He had recently executed an indenture with Thomas Fletcher and Joseph Brooks Yates of Liverpool, under which he charged two annuities of £1600 p.a. to his daughter Elizabeth, from which £300 p.a. was payable to his daughter-in-law Theodosia; £500 p.a. to the benefit of his grandson George, who was to have £250 p.a. as maintenance until 18, then £400 p.a. until 21, when he would receive the residual accumulated sum with interest; and £400 p.a. in a similar structure for his grand-daughters Margaret Eleanor Osborn and Arabella Catherine Osborn. He also raised a lump sum of £16,000 on which the interest went to daughters including another daughter Frances Elizabeth Osborn. He secured the legacies on his sugar estate of Caswell Hill and Woods Pen [?] in Vere and Richmond Park (a coffee estate in Clarendon). His trustees and executors included his wife Elizabeth, William Mitchell jun. of Lime Street and John Pusey Edwards of Jamaica and Southampton, as well as Fletcher and Yates.


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Elizabeth Alpress
Elizabeth; Kean; Frances Eliza

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Upper Harley Street, London, Middlesex, London, England