Lewis Chauvet

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London merchant, early land purchaser in Tobago and Dominica. In Tobago, he was shown (as 'Lewis Chauvette') by 1773 as the Present Proprietor of three Lots: with J. Clark, Great River Division (St Mary parish) Lot no. 20 (300 acres) (which became Windsor), North-east division (St John parish) Lot no. 39 (200 acres) (which became Telescope) and Queens Bay division (St Paul parish) Lot no. 12 (300 acres) (which became Kendall Place); and in his own name Great River Division (St Mary parish) Lots nos. 40 and 41 (100 acres each). In no case was he the original purchaser. In Dominica, Chauvet & Co. with 'Gov. Stuart' were the original purchasers of St John Lots nos. 33 and 40, and present proprietors of St John Lots nos. 33 and 34 and 46 and 47b, as well as lands on lease in St John. Together with his London partner Peter Turquand, Lewis Chauvet was bankrupt in 1778.


London Gazette 11860 24/03/1778 p. 6.

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