Stephen Oakeley Attlay

???? - 1838


Absentee owner of Prospect estate in Portland, who assigned the compensation to the London mortgagees of the estate, William Jegon and George Rutherford (q.v.). His father Stephen Attlay had married Parnel Oak[e]ley, the sister of Thomas Oakley (b. 1744) and aunt of Thomas Oakley (1774-1861).

  1. In the will of Stephen Oakeley Attlay of East Teignmouth Devon [made in 1837] proved 10/06/1839 he left his daughter Maria Parnell Sophia £2850 under his mother's will, subject to a remaining annuity of £40 p.a. to his mother's niece Mrs Parnell Buxton, and a further £4000. He left Prospect estate to his son the Rev. Stephen Oakley Attlay (1791-1870), who was also the residuary legatee, subject to an annuity of £50 p.a. to Eliza Sprake of East Teignmouth.

  2. 'Stephen Oakeley Attlay Sr., like his father, possessed commercial interests. His account with Ransom, Morland, and Hammersley records a turnover of £12,118 sterling between 1802 and 1803, made up principally of securities transactions. In addition to stocks and shares, Oakeley Attlay Sr. invested directly in companies. His name appears, for example, as a director of the Teignmouth and Shaldon Bridge Company in 1825 and 1827. The extent of Oakeley Attlay Sr.’s wealth is suggested by his draft will of 1817, which contemplated leaving his wife an annuity of £500 a year and his daughter a legacy of £10,000, in addition to bequeathing Prospect and the residue of his estate to his son Stephen Oakeley Attlay Jr.'


There is an account of the Prospect estate and the Attlay family's ownership of it in S. D. Smith, An Introduction to the Plantation Journals of Prospect Sugar Estate, with contents of the microfilm (2004), [accessed 08/02/2014]. The spelling 'Oakeley' is used consistently throughout this text.

  1. PROB 11/1911/336.

  2. S. D. Smith, An Introduction to the Plantation Journals of Prospect Sugar Estate, with contents of the microfilm (2004), [accessed 08/02/2014], p. 4.

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Rev. Stephen Oakley Attlay; Maria Parnell Sophia

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£2,809 10s 1d
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1795 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner

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