Colonel John Sheldrake

???? - 1820


Owner of Plantation Warren in Berbice (shown as 'Colonel Sheldrake' in the 1818 registration), dying at Henley in 1820.

  1. Will of John Sheldrake Colonel in the Royal Artillery proved 12/04/1821. In his will he left £2000 to his sister Mrs Christian Boldero wife of the Rev. George Boldero of Rainham Norfolk; £2000 to his niece Christiana Temple wife of Mr John Temple of Blakeney in Norfolk; £2000 to his niece Mary Sheldrake Kemmens; interest on £1000 to his niece Mrs Christiana Crow for her life. 'To William Grant a mulatto who was the first slave I ever possessed but to whom I gave freedom I give in consideration of his faithfulness fifty pounds.' He made a number of other bequests to men and women in England, including his second cousin Mary Sheldrake residing in Eltham Kent. One of his executors was Robert Belcher (q.v.) of Henley, who married John Sheldrake's niece Mary Sheldrake Kemmens shortly after John Sheldrake's death. The will was made in February 1820, and made no mention of real estate in British Guiana (nor does it appear to appoint a residuary heir).


T71/437 pp. 318-320.

  1. PROB 11/1642/157.

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Robert Belcher subsequently married Sheldrake's niece and legatee Mary Kemmens....

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Henley-on-Thames, Buckinghamshire, Central England, England