Mary Eccles (née Rennalls)

???? - 1st Nov 1820


Mary Rennalls married John Eccles 18/05/1767. Children: Thomas baptised in St Catherine 02/05/1768; Edward Marchant and Elizabeth Sarah baptised in St Catherine 10/05/1773; Mary Rennalls Eccles baptised in St Catherine 06/05/1770 aged 6 months; George Knowles Eccles born 01/01/1776 and baptised 04/02/1776 in St Catherine; Susannah Williams born 12/05/1779 and baptised in St Catherine 18/07/1782; John Vesey born 03/07/1781 and baptised in St Catherine the same day as Susannah. In her will, Mary Eccles left £50 each to the natural children of George Knowles Eccles by Eleanor Anderson, "a free woman of colour" named Henry Eccles and Jesse Eccles. Her estate, Vauxhall, was to be divided between her five surviving children.

Inventory of Mary Eccles recorded 13/06/1821 includes the following enslaved people: George Eccles (£150), James Minet (£120); Morris (£80), Sarah McLean (£90), Robert (£25), Susannah (£140), Hannah (£80), Jowell (£100), Phillis (£50), Edward Bennet (£60), Betsy Eccles (£80), Bella Bicknell (£80), Maria Berwick (£20), Betsey Crawford (£70), Mimla[?] (£20), Margaret Rennalls (£100), Molly Eccles (£100), Lettice (£80), Peggy Rennalls (£120), Elizabeth Eccles (£140), Bella Berwick (£40), James Baillie (£10). Also valued are a mule (£20), houshold furniture (£64), bed and table linen (£3), plate (£5), wearing apparel £1. The furniture listed was a bedstead and bedding, 2 mattresses, bosters and pillows, two dining tables, a breakfast table, 12 chairs, 1 sideboard and tray, 1 mahogany Beaufett, 2 cedar presses and sundry crockery.


Information from WikiTree of Anthea Eccles-Koprululer., Jamaica Church of England Parish Register Transcripts, 1664-1880 [database online]. Copy of will from Anthea Eccles-Koprululer by email, 10/02/2017. Copy of inventory from Anthea Eccles-Koprululer.

We are grateful to Anthea Eccles-Koprululer for her assistance with compiling this entry.

Further Information

Maiden Name
John Eccles
Thomas (1768-), Mary Rennalls (1769-), Edward Marchant, Elizabeth Sarah, George Knowles (1776-), Susannah Williams (1779-), John Vesey (1781-)

Copy of will provided by Anthea Eccles-Koprululer.


Mary Eccles of St Thomas-in-the-Vale, widow.

Executors and trustee to manumit my negro women slaves named Elizabeth Douglas and her daughter Grace, the whole of my estate to be liable for the costs and the payment of the annual sum allowed by law for their maintenance and support for life.

To my son George Knowles Eccles my female slave named Elizabeth Byfield for life. After his death Elizabeth Byfield to be manumitted and permitted to reside on Vauxhall plantation where I now reside and there to remain unmolested if she should think proper for the term of her natural life.

Also to George Knowles Eccles my bed and table linen.

To the two natural children of colour of my son George Knowles Eccles begotten of Eleanor Anderson, a free woman of colour, named Henry Eccles and Jessy Eccles £50 Jamaican currency each.

All rest, residue and remainder to my five dearly beloved children Edward Merchant Eccles, George Knowles Eccles, Mary Rennalls Douglas (wife of John Douglas late of Kingston, merchant, deceased), Elizabeth Sarah Beatt (wife of James Beatt Esquire), Susannah Williams Berwick (wife of Newal Berwick of the parish of St Thomas-in-the-East Esquire) to be equally divided as tenants in common. Should Edward Merchant Eccles die without lawful issue then his share to my son George Knowles Eccles. Should George Knowles Eccles died without lawful issue then his share to Edward Merchant Eccles. Should both die without lawful issue then the two-fifths share to the children of my daughter Susanna Williams Berwick...

The bequests herein contained are made in trust to my worthy friend James Bicknell of St Thomas-in-the-Vale Esquire. A fair division of my slaves among my five children be made as soon as conveniently after my decease as possible.

My sons Edward Merchant Eccles and George Knowles Eccles, James Bicknell, James Beatt and Newall Berwick to be executors. James Bicknell to be trustee.

Signed 23/02/1818.

Codicil dated 24/11/1818. The land and premises called Vauxhall in St Thomas-in-the-Vale where I now reside to be equally divided as soon as my just debts shall be fully paid between all my dearly beloved children living at that time. My eldest daughter Mary Rennalls Douglas shall have the first choice of her proportion of land whereon my dwelling house and other buildings of every description stands errected. In case any of my slaves shall happen to be in the possession of any of my said children at the time of my decease they shall be called in by my executors and trustee and kept together and worked that by and out of the rents and profits of their work and labour my just and lawful debts shall be fully paid off and satisfied. My executors and trustee to manumise my valuable and faithful servant John Douglass. If he be desirous to remain on my plantation called Vauxhall then he shall be permitted to do so and to retain his house and provision ground thereon as long as he may be desirous of doing so.

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