Bertie Entwisle

1732 - 1803


Merchant and slave-owner of Antigua, born 1732, son of John Entwisle of Liverpool: married Sarah Jeafferson, daughter and heir of John Jeafferson Esq. Sometimes given as 'Entwistle.'

  1. Will of Bertie Entwisle [late of the Island of Antigua but now of Tavistock Street] St Paul Covent Garden was made 16/04/1802 and proved 23/07/1803 after Entwisle's death apparently on Antigua. In the will he provided mainly for the family of his niece Frances Johnson (nee Peters), but towards the end of the will provided an annuity of £200 p.a. for his nephew Ralph Peters and then imposed an expectation on Ralph Peters 'bred to law' that he should, once called to the bar, go to practise on Antigua and once a year visit Entwisle's other estates on St Vincent and Dominica. He said that his West India estates included an estate on St Vincent called Clifton Hill which he had contracted to buy of William John Struth, but the conveyance of which had been delayed by disputes that had entered the Court of Chancery. He left an annuity of £200 p.a. to another nephew, Enwisle [sic] Hague, on whom he entailed his estates in the West indies with remainder to his nephew Ralph Peters. He directed that the produce of his estates should be consigned to Black and Kemble of London and Ewart Rutson of Liverpool. His executors were Samuel Martin of Upper Norton [?] Street St Marylebone and Thomas Jarvis of the City of Winchester, both formerly of the Island of Antigua.


  1. PROB 11/1396/244. The first pages are devoted to his recital of transaction involving property in Irby and Chester, on which he secured small annuities to his sister Ellen and several other women in England. The will [according to a note in T71/1027 covering Antigua nos. 18 Jolly Hill, 96 Golden Grove and 357 Barnard Point] detailed that he had several years before agreed to buy Jolly Hill, was in possession and occupation and had paid the great part of the purchase money but had not been able to get the purchase completed. A will in the Chester recorded as 11/11/1818 is likely to have been the same will but has not been examined.

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Sarah Jeafferson
West India merchant and plantation owner

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- 1803 [LA] → Owner
1802 [EA] - 1802 [LA] → Owner

In his will Bertie Enwisle noted that he had agreed to purchase Clifton Hill from William John Struth, but that the conveyance had been held up by a suit in Chancery.

1787 [EA] - 1803 [EY] → Owner

Vere Langford Oliver [History of AntiguaVol. I p,. 245] shows Bertie Enwisle as owner of Golden Grove 1787, with no further source. The Salve Registers for Antigua combine Golden Grove with Jolly Hill and Barnacle Point.

- 1803 [EY] → Owner

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Uncle → Nephew
Uncle → Nephew
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Entwisle Hague was the main heir to the West India property of Bertie Entwisle, who entailed the estates on him in his will made in 1802 and proved in...
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In his will Bertie Entwisle specified Ewart Rutson as one of his two consignees in...

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Tavistock Street, Covent Garden, London, Middlesex, London, England