Ralph Peters of Southport

???? - 1838

Claimant or beneficiary


Trustee and nephew of Bertie Entwisle (q.v.) in three awards on Antigua and also for a fourth claim on St Vincent where Ralph Peters appears as awardee. There appear to have been at least three generations of Ralph Peters, the first dying c. 1808, father of the second dying c. 1838 and grandfather of the third, who died 1879. Men by the name of both Bertie Entwis[t]le and Ralph Peters (the latter related to the former as son-in-law or brother-in-law) had been recorders or town clerks of Liverpool in the 18thC. The Ralph Peters of this entry, dying c. 1838, was the nephew of Bertie Entwistle dying c. 1803: his mother was Elizabeth Entwisle, Bertie Entwisle's sister.

  1. The will of Ralph Peters of Platt Bridge was proved 12/01/1808; the will mentions his only son, also Ralph Peters. Ralph Peters of Platt Bridge was one of the parties to a 1799 settlement on the marriage of Rev. Croxton Johnson rector of Wilmslow and Frances Houghton Peters, whereby the rights and interests of Frances to properties in Liverpool, part of the estate of her uncle Bertie Entwisle, together with £1000 were conveyed to trustees to provide a life interest for parties to the marriage and then for the issue of the marriage. Ralph Peters, identified as late of Platt Bridge but now of Southport, was party to an assignment of a mortgage of Thurcroft Hall 24/12/1827 to Frances Houghton Johnson.

  2. Death of Ralph Peters was registered at Ormskirk Q3 1838. In the will of Ralph Peters of Southport Lancashire proved 26/01/1839 he comments that his eldest son Ralph Peters had been adequately provided for in the will of 'my late uncle Bertie Entwistle.' This third Ralph Peters, the son of Ralph Peters of Southport, died of Southall Park, Southall in 1879 leaving £70,000. Southall Park was a private asylum, and this Ralph Peters was probably the man shown in 1841 as 'lunatic' in the Clapham Retreat. William Henry Peters of Harefield House, Lympstone, Devon [now St Peters School], brother and executor of Ralph Peters of Southall Park, left £61,180 5s 8d on his death in 1896. The second eldest son, Rev. Thomas Peters, rector and patron of Eastington Co. Gloucester between 1837 and 1883, left £172,501 18s 11d (resworn from £162,528 13s 7d) when he died 26/02/1890 at 25 Circus, Bath.

  3. Pursuant to a decree in the Chancery suit Peters v Martin, the creditors of Bertie Entwisle 'formerly of the Island of Antigua, in the West Indies, and afterwards of Tavistock Street in the parish of St Paul Covent Garden...who died in the month of April 1803' were called to prove their debts on or before 12/03/1828.

  4. It is not clear whether the 'planter' Ralph Peters shown in the Liverpool Record Office was the same man as the awardee for the Antigua claims as trustee of Bertie Entwisle.


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See Michael Power, 'Councillors and commerce in Liverpool 1650-1750' Urban History 1997 24 pp. 301-323.

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  4. Ralph Peters, Antigua Sugar Planter, Liverpool Record Office GB/NNAF/C117770 (formerly GB/NNAF/B30880).

Further Information

Frances (Fanny) Blackburne
Ralph; William Henry; Rev. Thomas; 3 others

Associated Claims (4)

£3,804 14s 2d
Awardee (Trustee)
£908 14s 6d
Awardee (Trustee)
£2,363 5s 9d
Awardee (Trustee)
£1,457 5s 8d

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1803 [SY] - → Trustee
1834 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner

Ralph Peters of Southport was the heir of his uncle Bertie Entwisle for estates and enslaved people on Antigua: Entwisle's will mentions that he had contracted to buy Clifton Hill on St Vincent of William John Struth, but the conveyance had been delayed by a suit in Chancery. This estate has yet to be linked to the Slave Registers, beyond the fact that 71 enslaved people on Clifton Hill were registered in a larger group appearing under 'Evesham Vale' in 1817.

1803 [SY] - → Trustee
1803 [SY] - → Trustee

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View of Liverpool by an unknown artist, the earliest known such view. Donated by Ralph Peters to Liverpool Corporation in 1818.... 
notes →
'An Account of the Oil Painting "Liverpool in 1680", with Notes on the Peters Family of Platbridge and Liverpool. By R. Stewart-Brown, M.A.', Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire...
Founder member
National School, Southport...... 
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Ralph Peters chaired the meeting of 27/04/1825 that led to the establishment of the National School through subscription. Frank Robinson, A descriptive history of the popular watering place...

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Southport, Lancashire, North-west England, England