Theodore Foulks

???? - 1811


Slave-owner in Jamaica, of Pidford House Isle of Wight when he made his will [proved February 1811] in December 1810. No death-notice has yet been found for him.

  1. Member of the House of Assembly for Clarendon in 1796; a lease for Pidford House was signed 27/08/1809 between Rev. Sir Henry Worsley Holmes of Newport and Theodore Foulkes [sic] late residing at Dale Park Sussex but now of Pidford House.

  2. Tentatively identified as the Theodore Faulks who owned 37 enslaved people and 179 stock in St Ann, Jamaica, in 1792.


  1. Jamaica Almanac (1796); Isle of Wight Record Office Heytesbury Estate JER/HBY/89/2.

  2. 'A List of slaves and stock in the parish of St Ann taken the 28th March 1792 pursuant to order of the Honourable House of Assembly... transcribed from papers presented to the British Museum by Charles E. Long ref. Add. 12435' transcribed at

Further Information

Name in compensation records
Theodore Foulks
Arthur, Ann Morgan, Mary Burbury, Sarah Theodora, Elizabeth Mackenzie

PROB 11/1519/357 - precis.

Theodore Foulks now residing at Pidford House in the Isle of Wight Esquire, will made 17/12/1810.

Payment of all just debts and funeral expenses.

All my plantations, properties and estates called Mullet Hall and Unity in Clarendon, Jamaica, and also my land and hereditaments in Canoe Valley and my land house buildings and other heredits situated near the Chappel both in Clarendon with all and singular the negroe slaves cattle etc on the said plantations and each and every of them belonging or in any way appertaining to my dear wife Mary and my daughters Ann Morgan Foulks, Mary Burbury Foulks, Sarah Theodora Foulks and Elizabeth Mackenzie Foulks their heirs and assigns to hold unto and to the use of them forever as tenants in common and not as joint tenants. My wife shall give up all claims she may have on the properties by virtue of our marriage settlement and shall accept the above devise in lieu thereof...

All my negroes and slaves upon Rosehall pen in the parish of Clarendon to my said daughters share and share alike. My plantation or pen called Rosehall pen in Clarendon with all the cattle erections buildings (except negroes and slaves) thereunto belong to my son Arthur Foulks his heirs and assigns to hold unto and for the use of him.

All my negroes and slaves upon the Lodge plantation in the parish of St Dorothy the property of my said son Arthur Foulks unto him, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns absolutely.

Books and household furniture to my said wife Mary Foulks for her own use absolutely.

All the rest residue and remainder of my estate real and personal to my wife Mary and daughters share and share alike.

My wife and son and my daughters to be joint executors. Witnesses Anthy Wm Glynn, W. Hearn, Richd Woollington.

Proved at London 21/02/1811 by the oath of Arthur Foulks Esquire.


Associated Estates (7)

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1781 [EA] - 1786 [LA] → Trustee

Foulks advanced money on mortgage against the estate in 1781. Although he was shown as trustee he was in effect mortgagee.

1798 [EA] - 1798 [LA] → Owner
1789 [EA] - 1791 [LA] → Not known
1798 [EA] - 1809 [LA] → Owner
1792 [EA] - 1804 [LA] → Owner
1800 [EA] - 1811 [LA] → Owner
1798 [EA] - 1811 [LA] → Owner

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Father → Daughter
Father → Daughter
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Addresses (1)

Pidford House, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, Wessex, England