Thomas Penny Kellerman

1788 - 1834


Son and heir of Jacob Kellerman (q.v.). Thomas Penny Kellerman is described in Benjamin McMahon's Jamaica Plantership (1838). McMahon wrote that 'The proprietor of Bloxburgh Mr T. P. Kellerman, was also a kind hearted and good natured man, but at last he became intimate with a monster in human shape, Charles Austin, who owned a small property in the neighbourhood. By Austin's seductive and treacherous arts, Kellerman, was at last utterly ruined. He formed a connexion with one of Austin's daughters in the island fashion and was entirely ruled by Austin's villainous advice. From this time, by gambling, cock-fighting, and horse-racing, Kellerman, involved his fine property deeper and deeper in the rapacious jaws of a mortgagee — his disappointment soured his temper — his mild policy was changed for persecution, and, under the influence of Charles Austin and his locust brood, he became as great a tyrant as his neighbours.'


Benjamin McMahon, Jamaica Plantership: Eighteen Years Employed in the Planting Line in that Island (1839) pp. 20-22.

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Plantation owner

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1810 [EA] - 1826 [LA] → Owner
1823 [EA] - → Other

Signed the slave register.

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Son → Father
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