Samuel Warren Foster

???? - 1791


Reportedly second son of Samuel Foster, although the latter's will does not mention him. Inherited Lancaster Estate in trust as tenant-for-life from his uncle Thomas Foster in 1765. Apparently died at sea in 1791 (unsourced), although the Accounts Produce for 1789 show him as already deceased.

  1. Will of Samuel Warren Foster Planter of St Elizabeth [made in 1785] proved 02/10/1800. The opening page of the will is hard to decipher but appears to make reference to the Lancaster Estate as entailed and Samuel Warren Foster's son Charles being connected with it, possibly as tenant-in-tail. He left £2500 to each of his daughters Mary and Elizabeth, leaving the heir to Lancaster estate the option to substitute annuities of £200 p.a. each if it was impossible to raise the full £5000 on 'West India property'. Attached to the will was a list of land other than Lancaster and a list of 41 enslaved people with prices/values that LBS has not yet transcribed.

  2. Samuel Warren Foster was among the West India Merchants and Planters who were signatories of a 1781 Address to the King pleading for more military protection for the British colonies of the West Indies.


Edward Hyde East, Reports of Cases argued in the Court of King's Bench Vol. XI (London, 1810) pp. 594-611. Will of Thomas Foster of Egham, Surrey, PROB 11/1850. Unsourced but very detailed family tree, [accessed 12/12/2014].

  1. PROB 11/1348/70.

  2. Remembrancer or Impartial Repository of Public Events for the Year 1782 Petition of the West India Merchants and Planters to the King' pp. 89-92.

Further Information

Elizabeth Cope
Charles (1780-1835), Mary (1775-1885), Elizabeth (1777-)

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