John Langlands of Roseberry and Hermitage

???? - 1810


Owner of Roseberry coffee plantation, Hermitage estate and owner of a half share in Malvern estate, all in St Elizabeth, Jamaica.

  1. Trust deposition dated 03/10/1810 settling Roseberry upon his cousin John Langlands of Bogardo, near Aberlemno, Angus, Scotland and settling Hermitage and his half share in Malvern on his cousin David (who lived in Jamaica). Susanna Bradford, a free woman of colour who had "long acted" as his housekeeper, was to remain supported and living at the Hermitage for the rest of her life as well as to pasture 40 cattle or horse on its lands. Susanna died on or before 1819. Charles Langlands, "a certain mulatto boy", was to be manumitted and given 150 acres of good mountain land for coffee cultivation, his first crop planted for him and also gifted 4 enslaved people and £20 p.a. for 5 years. This is supported by information included in letters written by John Langlands to his brother at Bogardo before his death.

  2. Very likely a descendant of the John Langlands, son of John Langlands of Bogardo, near Aberlemno, who travelled to Jamaica in 1749 and worked as a bookkeeper for William Dawkins on Treadways Maggoty estate.


  1. 'John Langlands: An Aberlemno Slave Owner', sourced to the Langlands Papers, part of the Symon Collection at MS 692, in the Angus Archives, available at [accessed 12/12/2014].

  2. ibid.

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[probably with Susanna Bradford) Charles

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