John Gautier

4th Sep 1785 - 1825


Owner of Brussels and Hassington estates in Jamaica.

  1. Baptised 26/04/1802 in St Andrew, Holborn, parents Francois and Victoire Gautier: "said to be born September 4th 1785."

  2. John Gautier married Ruth Caroline, daughter of Andrew Bromfield (q.v.) 29/04/1809. Their daughter Caroline Bromfield was born 05/01/1811 and baptised at Southfield (Andrew Bromfield's estate) 25/11/1811, Mary in 1813, John in 1815, Victoire Ann 1818 and another daughter, Jane Margaret, "white", was baptised in St Elizabeth 21/01/1827 aged 5 years. Andrew Bromfield was originally from Hassington Mains in Berwickshire, Scotland, which explains the naming of the Hassington estate.

  3. Acquired Hassington estate before 1817 and Brussels between 1820 and 1823. Registered enslaved people as guardian of his daughters Caroline Bromfield Gautier and Mary [Marg.?] Gautier in 1817.

  4. John Gautier esquire was interred in the burying ground at Southfield, 24/08/1825, aged about 40. Ruth Caroline probably died before 1826 when her mother Mary Bromfield nee Parchment registered enslaved people as guardian of Caroline Bromfield Gautier and Mary [or Marg.?] Gautier in 1826.


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1817 [EA] - 1823 [LA] → Owner
1825 [EA] - → Previous owner

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