Andrew Bromfield

???? - 1807


Attorney in Jamaica, and reportedly owner of Southfield, dying 'near London' in 1807.

  1. Stephen Bromfield of Hassendean[sic] Mains and Dam[e] Margaret Elliot his Lady had a child baptised named Andrew, 14/02/1744 at Eccles, Berwickshire.

  2. Andrew Bromfield married Mary Parchment in St Elizabeth, 19/10/1785. Margaret Elizabeth (born 15/10/1786), daughter of Andrew Bromfield and his wife Mary, baptised in St Elizabeth, 09/07/1789. Amelia (born 16/03/1794) and Elizabeth (born 12/08/1796), children of Andrew Bromfield and his wife Mary, baptised in St Elizabeth 22/02/1798. Ruth Caroline (born 06/02/1790) and Jane Millington (born 25/04/1792), children of Andrew Bromfield and his wife Mary, baptised in St Elizabeth, 10/08/1792.

  3. He had a number of illegitimate children. Charlotte, "reputed daughter of Mr Andrew Bromfield by Amy Bradford, a quadroon belonging to himself, born 1775 - the child freed" and John Frederick, "reputed son of the above Mr Andrew Bromfield by Rose Reynolds, born 1777", both baptised in St Elizabeth 19/10/1785. Sarah, "reputed daughter of Mr Andrew Bromfield by Rose Reynolds, age 5 years of age" baptised in St Elizabeth, 13/02/1793.

  4. 11 [March 1807] Near London [death of] Andrew Bromfield, of Southfield Jamaica Esq., late Lt-colonel of St Elizabeth militia, brother to Col. Stephen Bromfield of Hassington Mains in Berwickshire.

  5. Colonel Stephen Bromfield (his brother) erected a monument in Eccles Church cemetery commemorating family members: Stephen Bromfield (father, died 1768); Margaret Paterson (mother, died 1792); Elliot Bromfield (sister, died 1790); Harrat Millington (Stephen's wife, died 1797); Elizabeth Bromfield (sister, died 1819); John Bromfield (brother, died 18??). Stephen died in 1823. Another relative, Margaret Bromfield of Mayfield, died 28/05/1820. Note that Mayfield was the name of the Jamaican estate, property of Andrew Bromfield's mother-in-law Mary Pringle Baylis.

Note his origins in Hassington Mains explain the Hassington estate of his daughter Ruth Caroline and John Gautier in St Elizabeth.


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