Edward Barnwell junior

1792 - ????


Owner of the Bagatelle estate in Demerara, and brother of Rev. John Barnwell (q.v.). The men were sons of Edward Barnwell senior (q.v.). Edward Barnwell junior's picaresque adventures in Britain are summarised by David Alston on the Slaves & Highlanders site.

  1. Edward Barnwell son of Edward of 'Colonia Demerara' matriculated Magdalen Hall 18/01/1811 aged 18.

  2. It is not yet clear how (if at all) Sarah Barnwell spinster of 50 Clarendon Square Somers Town Middlesex but now on visit to Milton near Gravesend, whose will was proved 29/07/1836, was connected with the two men. In her will she left her house on Cumingsberg, Georgetown, Demerara to her god-daughter Sarah Harris now at school at Winchester, and made her sister Amelia van Burkel of Demerara her residuary legatee.


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Oxford (Magdalen Hall) [1811 ]

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This is an inferred relationship only. History of Parliament tentatively shows Josias Jackson's wife Jenetta as the daughter of '(? Edward) Barnewell (? of...