Frances Inglis (née Dickons)

1726 - 9th Jan 1791


  1. Mrs Frances Inglis (1726-1791) was the widow of Thomas Inglis Esq. (1713-1766). A surgeon in Kingston, Thomas also owned 500 acres in St. Thomas in the East and 90 in Portland. His wife Frances was the daughter of J.S. or Alex J. Dickons, who was recorded as living in Orange Street, Kingston in 1702, where Frances was born and later died. She inherited the Charlton estate and sugar works from her brother John around 1760-65, appointing as overseer a James Sutherland (1734-1796) who married her daughter Ann Inglis (1746-1797) in Kingston Parish Church in 1766. The couple had no children, but James later became a Committee member of the Kingston Chamber of Trade and a Magistrate. Frances remembered James in her will, commenting on his able management of Charlton.

  2. Frances had another daughter called Mary (1755-1810), and five boys, namely John (1745-1748), Thomas (1748-), Robert (1750-52), Alexander (1753-before 1774) and John Dickons (1756-1793). Of the boys that survived to adulthood, John Dickons joined the navy, but inherited the Charlton Plantation under the terms of his mother's will. He died two years later in England and was buried in Vault B107, St. Mary's Churchyard, Alverstoke, Hampshire. Frances was buried in Kingston Parish Church, and is remembered on a fine wall monument, along with her daughter Ann and her son-in-law James Sutherland.


We are grateful to Michael Rhodes for compiling this entry.

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  2. Stephen Fuller's Correspondence, Somerset Heritage Centre, DD/DN/500; pers. comm. Sheila Watt; Monumental Inscriptions Kingston Parish Churchyard, item 356, which gives her death on 09/01/1791 aged 65 years.

Further Information

Maiden Name
Name in compensation records
Thomas Inglis
John (1745-1748), Ann (1746-1797), Thomas (1748-), Robert (1750-52), Alexander (1753-before 1774), John Dickons (1754-1793), Mary (1755-1810)

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