Hugh Innes

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The will of Hugh Innes, [late of Charlotte Street] planter of Jamaica, made in 1803 and attested in 1804, was proved 19/03/1810. In the will - which takes the form of a memorandum for a will - he left £100 p.a. to his mother Ann Innes and £50 p.a. to his sister Jean Stuart widow of Dr David Stuart, and £100 each in trust to the children of his sister Ann Hem[m]ing and David Hem[m]ing. His residuary legatee was his sister Miss Barby Innes. In an affidavit from his trustee William Hay of Russell Square, Hay said he had received a letter from Alexander Ritchie of Kingston in 1803 giving news of the death of Hugh Innes, and a second letter from Alexander Ritchie (since deceased) via Alexander Thomson dated 1804 giving details of '20 negroes' whom Innes had pledged as security for a debt to Ritchie and whom Innes wanted conveyed to his sister Barbara Innes on his death.

  1. Barbara Innes' own will [made in 1822 with a codicil of 1827 and a second update codicil] was proved 04/06/1831. It made no reference to 'slave-property' but left monetary legacies totalling £3000 to her sisters. Her assets included London Dock Company stock, and some part of the legacy from her brother Peter Innes.


PROB 11/1509/323

  1. PROB 11/1786.

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Barbara Innes was the residuary legatee of her brother Hugh...