Joseph James Swaby junior

1789 - 3rd Oct 1821

Claimant or beneficiary


Son of Hon. Joseph James Swaby senior and his wife Ann Wilson nee Badioli. Residuary legatee of his father, presumably including Swaby's Hope and Montpelier Pen in St Elizabeth.

  1. Joseph James Swaby junior was baptised on 28/06/1789 in Dickleburgh, Norfolk during a visit from Jamaica to England by his parents. He was presumably also born in Dickleburgh since there is no additional entry in the parish register indicating that he was actually born in Jamaica as there is the case of Caroline Swaby his sister (q.v.), who was also baptised in Dickleburgh.

  2. He joined the St Elizabeth’s Troop of the Cornwall Regiment of Horse, Jamaican Militia as a Lieutenant on 24/09/1814. By 1817 he was back in Britain when he married "Miss [Ann] Clark of Snaith" on 16th June. His elder daughter, Ann Margaret Eleanor, was baptised on 14/02/1819 in Conistone in Craven, Yorkshire. His younger daughter, Caroline Atkinson, was baptised on 30/08/1820 in Kirkby Ravensworth, Yorkshire.

  3. His memorial inscription in Kellington, Yorkshire gives his death date as 03/10/1821, in the 32nd year of his age; the announcement in Gentleman's Magazine gives "At Knottingley, aged 33, Jos. James Swabey, esq. of Montpellier, Jamaica, son of the late Hon. Jos. James Swabey." The marriage announcement of his daughter Ann Margaret Eleanor Swaby in 1842 described her as "elder dau. of Joseph James Swaby late of Kilnsey, Yorkshire, and grand-dau. and co-heiress of the Hon. Joseph James Swaby late of Jamaica". In his will, he left a £4000 life insurance policy to his wife Ann and the residue in trust for his daughters Ann Margaret Eleanor and Caroline Atkinson Swaby.

  4. Some genealogical websites have confused the birth of Joseph James Swaby c. 1789 with with the record for his half-brother Joseph Swaby, who was born 16/03/1755 and baptised in St Elizabeth, Jamaica, 22/04/1759. This Joseph Swaby was described at his baptism as the "base child of Ruth Burton" and was very likely also the son of Joseph James Swaby senior, given his surname and the fact that Joseph James Swaby senior had another child, John, with Ruth Burton c. 1758. No further record of this Joseph Swaby has been found.


The will of Joseph James Swaby senior, PROB 11/1536.

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We are grateful to David J. P. Wood and Peter Durbin for their assistance with compiling this entry.

Further Information

Ann Clark
Ann Margaret Eleanor, Caroline Atkinson

PROB 11/1651 - précis.

Joseph James Swaby late of Chapel House in the parish of Burnsall in Yorkshire but now of Knottingley in Yorkshire.

First, payment of just debts and funeral expenses.

I lately made an insurance upon my life with the Union Insurance Company in London for £4000. This policy to my wife Ann Swaby for her absolute use. Also to my wife the carriages and horses used by me, and any of my dogs and guns as she think proper. The use of my plate for life to my wife; after her death this to my children. If I die without living children then my plate to Swaby Plummer Esquire, son of Mrs Caroline Robertson.

All the rest and residue of my estate to my friends David Samuda, John Salmon and Thomas Clark, my personal estate to be converted into money and invested in Government or Real Securities, the interest to be paid to my wife during her lifetime and not liable to the debts of any future husband. Thereafter the trust monies to be shared equally between all my children at age 21 or marriage.

David Samuda, John Salmon, Thomas Clark and my wife Ann Swaby to be my executors.

Signed 29/09/1821.

Codicil dated 30/091821. Remove John Salmon as a trustee and executor, replace him with Edmund Francis Green of London Esquire.

Proved in London 29/12/1821 by Ann Swaby, David Samuda and Thomas Clark.

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£1,823 19s 5d
Not a claimant

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