Richard Meyler senior of Bristol

???? - 1772


Will of Richard Meyler merchant of Bristol proved 26/05/1773. He left his residual estate after several monetary legacies of £50-100 each to his son-in-law Henry Bright and grandson Richard Bright.


PROB 11/988/221

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PROB 11/988/221 - precis.

Richard Meyler of the City of Bristol merchant.

Various small bequests to family members: niece Mary Bevan (wife of John Bevan); grand-niece Dorothy Searle (daughter of Edward Searle by my niece Ann); the said Edward Searle; Mrs Mary Bright of Flopgate in Herefordshire widow; nephew Francis Collins (son of deceased sister Ann); niece Martha (wife of Robert Milsome); sister Sarah Cott; nephews John, Cott and Richard Meyler; friends Jeremiah Ames Esquire, Henry Swymmer Esquire and William Gyles, Gentleman, all of Bristol.

All the rest and residue after payment of debts, legacies and funeral expenses: one moity to my son-in-law Henry Bright Esquire, husband of my daughter Sarah; the other moity to my grandson Richard Bright, their son, at age 21.

Henry Bright and Sarah to be my executors.

To Jeremiah Ames, Henry Swymmer and William Gyles and their heirs all my real estate in trust for the use of my son-in-law Henry Bright and Sarah his wife for their natural lives. After their decease then for the use of my grandson Richard Bright and of his legitimate children. In the absence of such heirs then for the use of the other legitimate sons of my daughter Sarah, the elder to take priority over the younger. If no male heirs then to the daughters as tenants in common. Otherwise to my nephews Richard Meyler, Francis Collins and John Cott as tenants in common.

Signed 24/02/1764.

Codicil dated 12/10/1768 - minor changes to some of the small bequests.

Proved in London 06/05/1773 by Henry Bright.

Merchant and plantation owner

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Business partners
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Also son-in-law and...
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Great-uncle → Great-nephew
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Richard Meyler of Lymington was the son of Jeremiah Meyler of Bristol and the nephew of the Richard Meyler whose will was proved in...
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Uncle → Nephew
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Richard Meyler, but not Jeremiah, is shown as a nephew in the will of Richard Meyler of Bristol proved 1773....

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