Richard Meyler of Lymington and Meylersfield

???? - 1805


Will of Richard Meyler of Crawley House Hampshire [made in 1802] proved 05/09/1806. In the will he left his estate in trust, with £10,000 to be set aside from the fortune he had received by his marriage to the daughter of John Jarratt of Fremantle near Southampton, and the income to support his son Richard Meyler through his education. If his son Richard died before his majority, then he left an annuity of £2000 p.a. to his aunt Elizabeth Hughes of Bristol, and after his debts were satisfied to raise £10,000 for Elizabeth Meyler, natural daughter of his [the testator's] father [Jeremiah Meyler]. He instructed his trustees to continue to ship the produce of his estates to Lyon and Neilson of London as long as he had debts outstanding to them. In a codicil of 1803 he amended the consignment of rum to direct it to Philip John Miles of Bristol.


  1. PROB 11/1449/50

Further Information

Miss Jarrett
Oxford (Christ Church) [1784-1787 ]
Legal Education
Lincolns Inn [1786 ]

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The Monthly Magazine Vol. 9 (1800) p.173 reported that there were only two impressions extant of Hogarth's Enthusiasm Delineated, one owned by John Ireland [now in the British Museum] and 'one of... 

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High Sheriff
1798 - 1798

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Richard Meyler of Lymington was the son of Jeremiah Meyler of Bristol and the nephew of the Richard Meyler whose will was proved in...
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Richard Meyler merchant of Bristol's residuary heir was his nephew Richard Meyler the younger, then of Christ Church Oxford....

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Crawley Manor, Crawley, Winchester (near), Hampshire, Wessex, England