Roger Hope Elletson

1723 - 1775


Roger Hope Elletson was born in 1723, the son of Richard Elletson the owner of Hope estate. He was educated at Eton and at Trinity College, Cambridge where he matriculated in 1746.

When he returned to Jamaica he was elected as a Member of the House of Assembly for Port Royal. In 1757 he was appointed to the Royal Council. When Governor Lyttelton left Jamaica in 1767, Elletson served as Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica between until 1768.

In 1754 Elletson's younger brother Thomas had married Susannah Taylor, the sister of Simon Taylor. Roger Elletson married Anna Eliza Gamon, daughter of Richard Gamon of Datchworthbury in Hertfordshire in 1770. Elletson died on a visit to England in 1775. He left Hope estate to his wife Anna Eliza who managed it as an absentee landlord. She went on to marry James Brydges, 3rd Duke of Chandos PC (27 December 1731 – 29 September 1789) and became Duchess of Chandos.

Roger Elletson owned Merrymans Hill in St Andrew, with 600 acres and 93 enslaved people in 1753.

Anna Eliza Gamon was presumably his second wife: death in December 1766, "In Jamaica, aged 29, the lady of the Hon. Roger Hope Elletson, Lieutenant-Governor of that island."


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Further Information

Anna Eliza Gamon
Trinity College, Cambridge [1746 ]
Plantation owner

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