Samuel Kendall

???? - 1819


Owner of Quaker Hall in Demerara in 1798, husband of Eliza Kendall (q.v.) who outlived him.

  1. Samuel Kendall merchant of Demerary was a debtor of the London firm of Merrick, Hoskins & Co. when the latter was declared bankrupt in 1800.

  2. At Edinburgh, on the 31st ultimo [August 1819], Samuel Kendall, Esq. late of the colony of Berbice.


  1. London Gazette 7 October 1800Issue:15300Page:1165.

  2. Aberdeen Journal 15 September 1819, transcribed by Lisa Booth, [accessed 11/10/2018]

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1798 [EA] - 1798 [LA] → Owner

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Deceased Husband → Widow

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Edinburgh, Midlothian, Central Scotland, Scotland
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Samuel Kendall died at Edinburgh in 1819.