William Bowrin

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Slave-owner on Nevis, apparently originally resident but with a daughter born in Tours in 1825 and himself dying in France, probably by 1831.

  1. In 1831, Peter Butler Bowrin (q.v.) was apprenticed to the lawyer Daniel Howard of Portsea for 5 years, when Peter Butler Bowrin's father was described as William Bowrin deceased late of Avranches France.

  2. Monumental Inscriptions shows a stone erected by their only son William to William Bowrin of Nevis (d. 19/12/1816 aged 70) and his wife Jane Butler (d. 11/04/1777 aged 30). It also gives the death of Grace Wilhelmina, only daughter of the late William Bowrin of Paradise estate and grand-daughter of Rear Admiral Gourly. Given that John Gourly was party to the apprenticeship agreement above, it is reasonable to conclude that William Bowrin (d. c. 1831) was the son of William Bowrin (d. 1816) and Jane Butler, and the father of both Peter Butler Bowrin and Grace Wilhelmina Bowrin. The will of Rear Admiral John Gourly proved 03/10/1854 showed his deceased son-in-law as William Bowrin of Paradise estate, under whose will John Gourly was left an annuity the arrears on which he [Gourly] had assigned to his granddaughter Grace Wilhelmina, who had then predeceased him, so that the arrears became the property of her mother, also Grace Bowrin.


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  2. More Monumental Inscriptions p. 69.

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