Hon. John Hiatt

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  1. Slave-owner in Jamaica: apparently resident. He died between 1820 and 1823. His sole trustee and executor was John Pink (q.v.).

  2. Given the extent of his slave-owning and his seniority (he was a member of the Supreme Court of Judicature in the 1817 Jamaica Almanac Civil List), surprisingly little has been traced of him to date. In 1780 he secured an Act on behalf of six 'reputed' children (William, John, Edward, Elizabeth, Ann and Eleanor) to extend the privileges of 'English subjects' to them. No baptisms have been located for these children. Rebecca Hiatt, daughter of Hon. J. Hiatt, was baptised in St Ann, 22/04/1816.

  3. Owner of 31 enslaved people and 12 stock in St Ann, Jamaica, in 1792. The compensation for the enslaved people on his estates was paid to into the Chancery suit of George Neate v Edmund Pink.

  4. A chancery petition of 1809 by Henrietta Hyatt of Dalston, aged 18, "[...] Recites that H.H. is the natural daughter of John Hiatt of Dalston by Phillis Hall and that she came to England from Jamaica. She requests that a new guardian be appointed so that he may assent or otherwise to a proposal of marriage made by William Hyde. Petition granted." Phillis Hall is named in the Former British Colonial Dependencies Slave Register of 1817 as residing in St Ann Jamaica, born "about 1801," of "Creole" nationality, and belonging to the enslaver "Honth John Hiatt."

Probably related to Elizabeth Hiatt (q.v.), slave-owner in St Ann in 1792.

We are grateful to Susan Doe for her assistance in compiling this entry.


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Associated Estates (9)

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1797 [EA] - → Not known
1817 [EA] - 1820 [LA] → Joint owner
1823 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Previous owner
1808 [SY] - 1820 [LA] → Trustee and Executor
1817 [EA] - 1820 [LA] → Owner
1820 [EA] - 1839 [LA] → Previous owner
1820 [EA] - → Owner
1823 [EA] - 1832 [LA] → Previous owner
1817 [EA] - 1820 [LA] → Other

Relationships (4)

Testator → Executor
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John Pink described himself as sole trustee and executor of Hon. John Hiatt on his own will....
Father-in-law → Son-in-law
Father → Natural Daughter
Grandfather → Grandson
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