Thomas Hackshaw

???? - 1782


  1. Thomas Hackshaw (1745-1782) was born in England, from Hinton, St George, Somerset. He married Lydia Alexander on St Vincent 30/01/1772. He went during the American Revolution to seek land in British West Florida (he was granted 500 of the 1800 acres he sought), before returning to his wife and children on St Vincent and dying there 11/02/1782. Their children were Lydia (1773-?) who married Thomas Dakins/Dakyns; twins George and Thomas (1775-1775); and Harry Hackshaw, baptised 16/07/1774, who married Harriet/Henrietta Marion Mackay in St Vincent. Lydia Hackshaw née Alexander remarried, to Alexander Burrowes Irwin 04/08/1801 at St Pancras, had three more children (Harriet Frances; Henry Bury and Charlotte Martha, who married John Roche Dasent) and died 21/03/1836 and was buried at St Dunstan's-in-the-west Fleet Street.

  2. The will of Thomas Hackshaw of the island of St Vincent but now of Delahay Street Middlesex was proved 03/05/1782. The will was made in 1770, and if this is the same man it preceded his marriage and makes no provision for a future family. The beneficiaries were family members for annuities and then Watkin Jenkins and Matthew Brickdale of Bristol. Again assuming this is the same man, ordinarily, it would be presumed that he would have remade his will on marriage: there might thus be another will extant that superseded that of 1782.

  3. 'Hackshaw' appeared as the original purchaser of Lot No. 97 of 212 acres on St Vincent, which became the Hope estate.


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  3. Charles Shephard, History of the island of St Vincent Appendix XX, following John Byres' plan of 1776.

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Lydia Alexander
Lydia; George; Thomas; Harry

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'Hackshaw' was the purchaser of the Lot which became the Hope estate; the connection with Thomas Hackshaw appears to be confirmed by the presence in the Slave Registers for the Hope estate of trustees for Matthew Brickdale, who had been a beneficiary under the will of Thomas Hackshaw made in 1770.

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Delahay Street, Westminster, London, Middlesex, London, England