John Somerville

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John Somerville appears in the Crop Accounts in relation to several estates. In 1771 Garden estate (Westmoreland, Jamaica) was recorded as being under his care and direction, although his precise role is unclear.

He is named in the Crop Accounts for Cornwall estate (Westmoreland, Jamaica) from 1769 to 1773. The estate is listed as being under the care and direction of Somerville, Samuel William Haughton (q.v.) and Julines Herring (q.v.) who were managing it for absentee owner William Lewis (q.v.), father of Matthew Monk Lewis.

John Somerville filed Crop Accounts for Paradise Pen (Westmoreland, Jamaica) in 1782, on behalf of John Allen mortgagee in possession and his attorney John Wedderburn. Somerville listed as Overseer.


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IB/11/4/7 Crop Account 1773-1783 Jamaica Archive p. 153

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1770 [EA] - 1776 [LA] → Attorney
1769 [EA] - 1776 [LA] → Manager
1782 [EA] - 1782 [LA] → Overseer
1771 [EA] - 1771 [LA] → Manager