Abel Dottin II

1737 - 1784


  1. Will of Abel Dottin of English, Oxfordshire [made in 1780] proved 23/01/1784. In the will he placed his house in Bath and his plantation called Scotland with the enslaved people attached to it in one lot and his plantation called Granade Hall and his freehold estate at English and Heath End Oxfordshire in another lot, and allow his eldest son Abel Rous Dottin to elect which of the two to take within 6 months of reaching 21. If he chose the Scotland estate and the house at Bath, he was to pay his brother Samuel Rous Dottin £1000.


In a List of inhabitants of St Peter, Barbados, 1780, Dottin was listed as owning 56 enslaved, Barbados Department of Archives, RB9/3/6. It is not clear where these were.

  1. PROB 11/ 11112/280; it appears that Abel Rous Dottin chose the Scotland estate, which apparently was later renamed Dottins and then Greenland or Greenlands. Oxford Alumni gives a death-date of 1782 for Abel Dottin II.

Further Information

Elizabeth Rous
Abel Rous
Oxford (Queen's) [1754 ]

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1783 [EA] - 1783 [LA] → Owner

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Drawings of Samuel Dottin and Abel Rous Dottin by Thomas Lawrence c. 1783, presumably commissioned by their father, now in the Holborn Museum at Bath after their purchase in 2008. Lawrence went on to... 
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High Sheriff
1764 - 1764

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English, Nuffield, Oxfordshire, Central England, England