Ann Hutton formerly Browne, previously Nisbet

???? - 19th Nov 1819


Identifiable as the mother and heir of Innes James Browne (q.v.), who predeceased her, and widow of James Browne (q.v.) and Charles Hutton, and possibly of a first husband named Nisbet - Mary Anne Nisbet was described in the will of James Browne as the daughter of his wife.

  1. Ann Hutton provided an affidavit in defence of Edward Huggins against a charge that he had treated enslaved people cruelly. She is described as a widow who had recently sold her [unnamed] estate to Mr. Huggins. She suggests that on learning in June of 1817 that she was planning to sell her plantation, the enslaved people on the estate requested that she sell them and the estate to Edward Huggins. [LBS has tentatively identified this estate as Brownes, which was renamed Eden around the time of Huggins' purchase].

  2. Mrs. Ann Hutton, formerly of Nevis, died in Edinburgh in November of 1819.

  3. The will of Charles Hutton of Nevis, her second (or possibly third) husband, was proved 23/01/1789. After monetary legacies of £100 to servant of his wife and £400 to Mary Anne Nesbit Johnston (or Johnson) the daughter of his wife by her former husband, he made his wife Ann his universal legatee, his children Alexander Baillie Hutton and Eleanor Hutton having died.


  1. Case in Nevis, 1817, Whitmore and Fern, Charing Cross (1818) pg. 38

  2. Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 4, October 1818 - March 1819, pg. 510.

  3. PROB 11/1174/208.

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(1) Nisebt? (2) James Browne (3) Charles Hutton

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