Sir John Powlett Orde 2nd Bart.

1803 - 1878


Son of Sir John Orde 1st bart (1751-1824), who had been Governor of Dominica in the 1780s. John Powlett Orde married first Eliza Woollery Campbell (q.v. under Eliza Woollery Orde Lady Orde nee Campbell), daughter and co-heiress of Peter Campbell of Kilmory (q.v.) in 1826. She was the co-owner by inheritance with her sister of the Holland estate and Shaws in Jamaica, together with the enslaved people attached to them: she died in 1829. John Powlett Orde built Kilmory Castle, now the HQ of Argyll & Bute Council.


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(1) Eliza Woollery Campbell
With (1) John William Powlett Campbell-Orde

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Country house
Kilmory Castle [Built] 
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Country house, built 1828-1836 by Sir John Powlett Orde. Kilmory had belonged to the family of his wife Eliza Woollery Campbell (d. 1829), daughter of Peter Campbell (d. 1822), the owner of the...

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Eliza Woollery Orde nee Campbell d....