Bertie Greatheed

???? - 1804


Bertie Greatheed (d. 1804), son of Bertie Greatheed (1759-1826): the trustees of 'Bertie Bertie Greatheed' were awarded the compensation for his 'trust estate' on St Kitts. The award probably refers to the father (who used the name Bertie Bertie Greatheed in his will proved in 1826, of which among the trustees were the awardees named in the St Kitts claim) rather than the son, although the Yale papers gives the son as 'Bertie Bertie Greatheed' and the father simply as Bertie.

  1. Bertie Greatheed predeceased his father, dying in Italy in 1804. He was the grandson of Samuel Greatheed the MP: his father's cousin's children Samuel and John Greatheed (q.v.) were awarded slave compensation. Bertie Greatheed's daughter Anne Caroline in 1823 married Lord Charles Percy, son of Algernon Earl of Beverley, who took the name Charles Greatheed Bertie Percy (q.v.).


T71/879 St Kitts claim no. 269.

  1. Yale University Library, Guide to the Bertie Greatheed Papers, accessed 22/11/2011.

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